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Specialized Sessions & Rates

Improve your game

Practice Planning

Practice planning for your team is critical to not only your individual player's development, but your team's development as well. With this option, I assist you plan practices and run practices for your program. Practices can be tailored to whatever your program's specific needs are. Anything from defense, offense, strategy and more.

Prices depend on age.

8U-9U ($150 per hour-roughly $12 to $15 per player)

10U-12U ($175 per hour-roughly $14 to $17 per player)

13U and older ($200 per hour-roughly $15 to $20 per player)

Hour Bookings

Hour bookings come in options that best suit each program. For example, programs can book 10 hours of consulting that can include options such as practice planning, team drills, individual drills, speaking engagements (such as recruiting seminars or information on the recruiting process), or running camps for entire organization.

Bookings can come in hours of 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 or specifics decided upon by the coach and organization.

Prices depend on age group of the organization as well as the consulting option the organization chooses. Contact via email for more information.

Personalized Options

Personal coaching and consulting options can be made available for your organization or program. Whether that is speed and agility, strength and conditioning or areas such as recruiting consulting questions or more. I am here to assist players, parents and coaches with their needs and goals in their development in the game of baseball.

If you have questions or would like more information regarding personalized options, contact me at

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